Hardware & Software

Hardware & Software

The Maintenance includes

Computer systems (desktops, workstations, appliances, LAN Stations & Servers with a full set of services concerning investigation, development, installation, maintenance of LAN & WAN);

Printing and multifunction - printers, faxes, copiers, all-in-one/multifunction machines, print servers and network software, large-format printers and plotters;

Digital imaging and audio - scanners, digital projectors, digital audio devices, digital senders and photography;

Storage - choose from storage area networks (SAN), disk arrays, network-attached storage (NAS), tape and automated backup, server-based storage, disks, storage media, DVD and CD;

Servers - super scalable servers and server appliances for tower or rack-mount environments, internal system expansion or simplified clustering;

Networking - home networking, switches and hubs, storage area networks (SAN), print servers and network software, modems, UNIX-server connectivity, output management and document delivery;

Satellite communications – hardware equipment and building of two-way broadband satellite communication system for Internet, opportunities to chose from three levels of single-user or multiple-users accounts – standard, plus, premium; Virtual Private Networks (VPN) building between different subsidiaries or remote locations of enterprise, medium, small business, governmental or non-governmental organizations, etc.; VoIP systems building;

Webcasting is a highly powerful way to connect with audiences, identify leads, generate new revenue and increase brand awareness.

With LANEV Services Media's Visual Webcaster, producing information-rich, professional webcasts is simple and cost-effective. Create dynamic presentations right from your Internet browser with pre-designed themes and incorporate multiple media, such as streaming video, audio, graphics, HTML, presentation documents and more.

Monitors - PC monitors, LCD and multi-media displays;

Software distribution;

IT skills and knowledge trainings.

Network Installation & Support

Internet Services

Software Development

Computer Hardware Maintenance

Computer Hardware Maintenance

On Going Maintenance: Upon request we will structure an ongoing maintenance program for any hardware installed from different contractors. We further provide emergency services to minimize hardware downtime with our fast responsive service. All calls are returned within 24 hours and our qualified staff is available on call.

Carry-in-repair services: We accept carry in repair items at our workshop representing a cross section of brand manufacturers.

Out-call repair service: We carry out on site repair for both hardware and software problems at client campus.

Indication: We offer services to ensure peak performance and help you to detect the cause of any problems you are having with your equipment.

Software Supply and Support

All software maintain by LANEV SERVICES:

  • Microsoft
  • IOS
  • Linux
  • Adobe
  • Corel
  • Symantec
  • Other (All available in INDIA)

LANEV SERVICES will assist clients with licensing, renewal and upgrades of software products. Training also available.

Repair and Service Centre

All equipment repaired or upgraded carries a workshop warranty.

  • PC Repairs
  • PC Upgrades
  • Server Repairs
  • Sever Upgrades
  • Printer Services
  • Printer Repairs
  • Onsite Repairs and SLA's

General Repairs and Upgrades of other equipment (UPS's, Network Equipment...) Standby units also available on request. Internet Solutions LANEVF SERVICES can over a full and comprehensive solution from web hosting to secure networking and VPN's.

  • Server hosting with HOSTMONSTER
  • Automated Backup Solutions
  • Dialup / ADSL / Diginet / I-Burst / Wireless
  • Web hosting
  • Web development

Internet Services

The Internet is one of the best and most challenging marketing and communications medium that we have ever seen.

LANEV SERVICES is set to meet those challenges with a thorough understanding of this new and evolving technology.

LANEV SERVICES will promptly and conveniently set up and maintain your Website, allowing you to provide information and services to your customers in an entertaining and lively manner. We have, experienced Web designers who use the best aspects of the Internet to provide maximum impact for your Website.

LANEV SERVICES can also help you navigate the Internet by showing you where and how to get the information you need, when you need it.

Tech. Power & Media Support


  • Administration, procurement, design and quality assurance offices
  • Main store
  • Switchboard manufacturing section
  • Motor/generator overhaul and service center
  • Main workshops
  • Warehouse & cable store

Key Functions:

Since the company's mainline operations have been commercial domestic installations, industrial installations and maintenance; with defense maintenance and overhaul included in 2007.

LANEV Services has been providing a total service from design and installation through to commissioning and follow on maintenance. Other key functions include complete domestic overhaul/refits of electrical machinery and systems, from trawlers through to tankers.

LANEV Services are also in wiring cable, Auto-Masking engine monitoring & controls, and the Master volt power products.

Fields of Operation:

  • Domestic and Offshore
  • Industrial


  • Installations
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Inspection, testing and reporting


Full design packages are available including engineering and drafting for particular manufactured products such as switchboards and starters up to complete new vessel electrical systems and refits.

Design services include

  • Complete design packages
  • New builds electrical system design (AC and DC)
  • Refit electrical design
  • Switchboard, starter and control panel design
  • Alarm and monitoring system design
  • Generator control system design
  • Electrical power generation, protection and distribution design
  • Electrical drafting service


Our extensive experience provides attention to detail while ensuring the best possible quality and system reliability.

Installation services include;

  • Cable supply, installation and termination
  • Complete electrical system installs
  • Electrical power generation, protection and distribution installations
  • Control system installations
  • Air conditioning/refrigeration electrical systems

Maintenance & Repair

LANEV Services has been providing emergency and scheduled maintenance and repair

Maintenance and repair services include;

  • Emergency response repairs (e.g. Fire damage repairs)
  • Electrical power generation, protection and distribution maintenance and repair
  • Mechanical services
  • Rewinds (transformer, generator/alternator, electric motor)
  • Rotating machinery repair (generator, alternator, electric motor, fan)
  • Generator/Alternator control system service and inspections


LANEV Services are able to manufacture products to meet your specific application, requirements and the installed environment.

Manufacturing services include;

  • Switchboard and distribution board manufacturing
  • Engine control systems (population and generator sets)
  • Motor starter panel and control panel manufacturing
  • Alarm and monitoring systems
  • Earth fault monitoring systems
  • Technical engraving - Engraved panels and labels

Design & Development

LANEV Services has a strong belief in "advancing with the times" and employ "state of the art" technology and principals throughout our design and development processes. As specified in our design control procedure, the finished design is a result of not one, but several members of a committee who are qualified and experienced in the design field. The combination and comparison of ideas and knowledge from the committee results in a more efficient, competitive, safe and reliable design. The design process interfaces with the client's organization to ensure all requirements are adequately addressed.

Labor Hire

LANEV Services are able to supply skilled and experienced domestic electrical personnel for routine work and emergency call out. We have suitable personnel available to fill roles such as Project Management, Supervision and Tradesmen. All personnel are suitably qualified, licensed and have major passes required in the domestic industry.

Personnel qualifications & passes include;

  • Electrical Workers License

Quality Assurance

LANEV Services have developed and implemented a quality management system complying. At LANEV Services, we never compromise quality for price. Our quality assurance certification ensures our clients get exactly what they want. We have a simple philosophy of getting the job done on time and on budget, while still providing quality of service



Call and Support Centre

It remains the responsibility of the client to communicate any problems whatsoever to the LANEV SERVICES office, Telephonic support will be available to any client that makes use of our services. The cost for the helpdesk support will be determine by the type of transaction done with the client and this will be pre-determined and clarified with the client sooner. All goods received from the client whereby information is involved (PC's with user data), will be strictly confidential (It is strongly recommended that regular backups be done by the client).


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